Blox Staking Team updates — Aug 27th

Things have been moving fast since our testnet launch, today we hit the 100 validators mark and we managed to onboard lots of new operators. Shoutout to for becoming an operator and supporting SSV in their explorer.

Our core focus at the moment is stabilizing the network’s performance, we are currently releasing around 2 new versions per week and so far it seems like we are on a more solid ground. There is still lots to do in order to hit the 99% effectiveness mark. You can check on the network’s status directly from explorer.


We are gearing towards SSV DAO’s first vote! ‘The CDT to SSV token upgrade proposal’ is already live and you can read more about it in this post before making a decision.

We also saw our first ever community generated proposal to swap CDT in with SSV in Binance. We welcome all proposals and ideas from the community and will do our best to execute in case the vote goes through.

Please make sure you join the conversation, propose and vote. Its important to have involvement from the community, is eventually created for you and there are a lot of big decisions to come.


All AMA #1 POAP holders were invited to answer a few basic questions and reserve their spot in the coming SSV token airdrop. We saw hundreds of submissions and the winner list was published in this Twitter thread.

‘AMA #2 POAP’ is going to be revealed in next week’s AMA. We are going to focus this AMA on the SSV token model, the coming upgrade vote and announce our Incentivized Testnet Program. You dont want to miss this one!


We held super interesting sessions with 2 staking powerhouses and SSV operators; Everstake and Stakewise. The plan is to host all of the network’s operators in KYO calls so future stakers will make the most informed decisions when choosing their SSV Operators.

Stakewise call

Everstake call will be released next week

Stakehouse Call — We were happy to join the Stakehouse community call earlier this week. Lots of great projects were introduced and Stakehouse working group common goal of Beacon client diversification is exactly what the ecosystem needs. Check it out.

Up next

Alon (CEO) article about SSV protocol implementation

Token upgrade vote going live

Community+Ambassador AMA (+POAP giveaway)

New KYO — RockX

New operator introductions

Everstake KYO call release

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